Boese Brothers La Onza Belgian White Ale

La Onza

Belgian White Ale

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A modern interpretation of a Belgian classic, this wheat and oat based beer is crisp, tart, and refreshing. Traditionally, white beers have been finished with dried coriander seeds and orange peels. In contrast, Boese Brothers utilizes fresh ginger, lemongrass, and El Dorado hops to deliver a subtle, dry, and refreshing beer with fruit and spice notes. The traditional Belgian yeast strain, in combination with relatively warm fermentation temperatures, delivers a bouquet of supporting fruity aromas and flavors, with a slightly tart finish.
Color: Hazy Off-White

The Belgian Witbier (white beer) style is over 500 years old, but unfortunately disappeared in the 1950’s. A decade later, Pierre Celis rejuvenated this classic style, brewing in his hometown of Hoegaarden, Belgium. Since its revival, White Ale has increased in popularity throughout the world, and hopefully it will be around for another five centuries.