Boese Brothers Duke City Lager

Duke City Lager


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Duke City Lager is an assertively hopped brew, based on an American original called the California Common Lager or Steam-Style Beer. Cool fermentation temperature and prolonged aging deliver a clean and refreshing beer, with a strong hop presence. This beer is loaded up with two American classics, Cascade and Willamette, resulting in a thirst quenching lager that delivers a combination of woody, fruity, and flowery hop flavors and aromas. Color: Amber

Steam Beer is a uniquely American creation developed in the western states during the late 1800s. The beer was a product of improvisation, as brewers attempted to create lager beers without the aid of refrigeration. These beers combine lager yeasts with slightly higher fermentation temperatures than those typically associated with traditional lager brewing. Additionally, these beers feature a more assertive hop and malt balance than just about any other style of lager.