Boese Brothers Washington's Hatchet

Washington's Hatchet

Brown Porter

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Washington's Hatchet is based on the traditional American Porters of the 1700’s, the distinctive color and flavor are developed by combining slowly kilned pale, amber, and brown malt. Mashing these grains renders delicious bready and burnt brownie notes, and a dash of Molasses contributes to the rich full flavor.
Color: Dark Chestnut Brown

This style evolved from the Brown Ale and eventually led to the even darker Stout beers. Porter was the brewing industry’s contribution to the industrial revolution, utilizing new technologies and techniques to more quickly produce larger quantities of finished beer. History suggests that this beer was a favorite among London’s working class, hence the name Porter. When brought to Colonial America, brewers began incorporating Molasses to deepen the color, increase the alcohol content, and further enrich the flavor of these dark and delicious beers.