Our Story

Brothers Sam and George Boese founded Boese Brothers Brewing in January of 2014, although the original idea dates back to a drunken conversation sometime in 2011. The concept was simple, create easy drinking craft beers based on classic styles, while staying true to three core values: family, quality, and good times. To say that they hashed all that out during the first slurred brainstorm session would be a stretch. Over time the idea developed and they focused on the things needed to make it all happen, namely funding, a building, and a brew house.

They searched for many months to find a building that would not only meet the requirements of a brewery, but also provide the speakeasy aesthetic they were looking for. The search ended in December 2014, when the brothers discovered a red brick building on Gold Avenue in Downtown Albuquerque. The building was constructed in the late 1920’s as a dealership and maintenance garage for the Studebaker Automotive Company. However, nearly one hundred years later the building was long past its prime and had been used for decades as a parking garage and pigeon refuge. The pigeons and parking tenants were fiercely reluctant to leave the building.

In January 2015, the brothers began a massive building project to bring power, plumbing, and eventually a brew house into the neglected building. With the help of friends and family, the brothers slowly transformed the old showroom into a their new brewery’s tasting room. They painted, laid tile, designed light fixtures, refinished furniture, built a bar, and created a custom draft beer system. The restoration project was finally completed in July 2015 and brewing operations commenced immediately. The brewery opened approximately one month later offering five finely crafted draft beers to a packed house.

We are a family and veteran owned craft brewery located in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque. We offer a selection of easy drinking classic beers and two to three seasonal offerings. Please come try our beer at the brewery tasting room Downtown, or at one of our ever-expanding wholesale draft locations. Cheers!