Boese Brothers Dr. Strangehop XPA

Dr. Strangehop

American Extra Pale Ale

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The eXtra Pale Ale pairs a clean malt bill with big-time American hop flavors and aromas. We start adding hops the second wort hits the kettle and don’t let up until this beer is in the keg. A simple but delicious combination of classic and new era hops creates bright, tropical, and citrusy flavors. If you’re not yet a Pale Ale fan, stop worrying and learn to love the hops.
Color: Cloudy Orange

Most beer fans are already familiar with the origin of hoppy India Pale Ales. Craft brewed American interpretations are typically stronger and much more bitter than their British ancestors. Dr. Strangehop is B3C’s endeavor to push American Pale Ales in a new direction with pronounced, yet clean, fruity hop flavors.